6 Tips for Tasty Blog Post Headlines: Why Your Title Matters

ice cream cone savvy wordpressHow important are your blog post titles and what should a good headline do?

In the words of master ad man David Ogilvy, “The purpose of a title is to get readers to read the first line of your content.”

That’s good advice, plain and simple, because the words in your headline are the most powerful ones you will write.

But just remember: Using keywords in your headline, ones that web surfers are using in their searches, will get your readers there, but to keep them, you need to hook them with interesting content. You want to be found. But you also want to be read.

6 Tips for Tasty Blog Post Headlines

1. Offer a benefit. Promise to show your readers how to do something better, faster, easier.

2. Feed the search engines. Use the keywords people are doing google searches with. Try placing the keywords close to the beginning of the title, where they have more SEO impact.

3. Get personal. Whisper in your reader’s ear. Make her feel like you’re talking to her as a friend. Use “you” when you can.

4. Ask a question. Our brains are hard-wired to want to know the answers to questions.

5. Stir things up. People are drawn to controversy. Just be sure to address the topic in your post and not just use it for shock value or your readers will feel tricked.

6. Use humor. We all like to be entertained. Make your readers laugh. But beware of the risk: that you will offend someone (humor can be tricky) or that you will lose keywords that help with SEO. Example of keeping the keywords and throwing in a little humor: “Overcoming Customer Objections: FAQ Page Lessons from the Encyclopedia Man.”

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