6 Responses to “A Good Security Add-On – Limit Login Attempts Plugin”

  1. This looks like a nice elegant plugin. Thanks for sharing this find, I’m going to check it out now.

  2. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for posting. Have you ever used this plugin in combination with any other security plugin? Plugins, such as Wordfence, Bulletproof Security, or BetterWPSecurity? Just curious if this plugin works well with any others. I appreciate any advice!
    Jason G.

    • Hey Jason, no, I haven’t. Would have to revisit these other plugins but am wondering if most of these don’t have something similar build into it. I know the dev that did Better WPSecurity, and that’s another one high recommend if you really want to get into a more rich-featured security plugin.

      It’s interesting as I use WPEngine managed hosting for my sites. They have built-in security which I believe is through Securi, but also this plugin is a must-install…

      • Thanks! I did check Wordfence earlier and found they do have an option to control password strength and number of login attempts, etc. So far, Wordfence has worked really well on my sites. From what I have read, it appears many suggest running one plugin for security and one for caching (to avoid conflicts and disabling a site). Appreciate your feedback!

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