How to add a Facebook like box to your sidebar

BobWP Facebook Like BoxYou have seen them on other sites, we even have one here on my About page. And there several different plugins that will allow you to share your page, show your likes, etc, etc. Facebook even has their own plugin with a bunch of options including auto-posting. Over on the Social Media Examiner blog they have a great tutorial to walk you through the steps in setting it up.

But if you want to add a Facebook like box that shows your fans and streams, like the one to the right, without adding a plugin, this video will show you where to find it on your Facebook page and how to set it up as a sidebar widget.

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2 Responses to “How to add a Facebook like box to your sidebar”

  1. Hey Bob great tutorial. thanks mate … but i got a little problem here. As soon as I click on social media pluggins under resources, I get logged out of facebook and I can’t go any further.. would you please help me in this regard? Cheers mate

    •  @OmId1 okay, just to clarify… you are saying that when you click from a site on the Facebook icon, when you land on Facebook you are logged out? If that’s the case I’m not exactly sure why that is and don’t’ believe it would have anything to do with the plugin… 

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