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Why I Love WPEngine

Before you make any rash decisions, this is not some big ad for WPEngine. It’s just something that enough of us never think to do. Thank a company for the great service they give you. Both Judy and I have always made the biggest effort to do this. I remember when she went to ER […]

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Your WordPress Site Info, Keep It Handy

I cannot tell you how many times someone has come to me for WordPress help and after I ask for specific information, like their hosting login, their FTP info, or even their WordPress login, it’s never a simple matter of finding it. Or they send me info that is outdated. If you have been reading […]

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Keeping Your WordPress Site Secure [infographic]

Came across another great infographic. If you know me, I talk a lot about this as so many people have the concern of WordPress and security. What I find particularly interesting is the How Do WordPress Sites Get Hacked? You will see nothing about flaws in the WordPress core. It’s all with hosting, plugins, weak […]

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Moving WordPress Within Your Server

Moving WordPress files from one location on your server to another, while changing your URL requires some special steps. Watch to video to learn out how. NOTE: As not mentioned in this video, some of your internal links will remain the same and if you delete the files in your subfolder, the links will be […]

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