WooSidebars Plugin – Customized Sidebars For Your Blog or Website

WooSidebars PluginAre you tired of having the same sidebar throughout your WordPress blog or website? How would you like a customized sidebar just for your About Page?

With WooSidebars you can override any widgetized area on your WordPress-powered website, displaying different widgets for different pages, posts, post types, categories and more… without touching a line of code. And it works with any theme that uses dynamic sidebars.

In this video I not only show you how to install and setup this plugin, but I also give you ideas of how you might creatively use it on your own site.

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14 Responses to “WooSidebars Plugin – Customized Sidebars For Your Blog or Website”

  1. This is great information Bob, thanks for sharing it. I always thought that one of the weaknesses of WordPress was the inability to customize the sidebars for a given page. I guess that’s the great thing about WP — when there’s a perceived problem, some smart folks somewhere will solve it. :)

    • You bet. And that’s so true, usually someone eventually finds a solution. In fact I know a couple of plugin developers who have often asked me if I hear of a need, let them know, and if it’s doable, they will jump on it. That’s what is so cool about the WordPress community :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi!. I am using Woocommerce plugin in my site. I have installed Woosidebars because my default sidebar doesn’t appear in my shop pages (shop, categories, products and so on). With this plugin installed a new tab turns up, called Woocommerce. There, I can choose the pages from my Shop. Nonetheless, it doesn’t work! It works for all the pages in my site except Woocommerce pages, even though this new Woocommerce tab was included in the Woosidebars menu!

    Any suggestion?

    • Shoot, I haven’t worked with WooCommerce yet, but it’s on my list as it’s needed for an upcoming project. I’m just wondering if in WooCommerce there is some setting for a full page page?

  3. I agree.

    The Genesis Simple Sidebars widget was just too irritating. On my present project I just could not get the all the different sidebars to show up, even though the sidebar ID’s correctly setup per page and post. So I moved away from a Genesis solution.

    I installed WooSidebars and they just worked perfectly. All the sidebar selecter options are in one place.

    Oh well!

  4. Having used WordPress for years, I also thought the limit of having only one sidebar was very restrictive. I thought WooSidebars was the answer, but after installing the plug-in and creating a couple of unique sidebars for select post categories I was shocked to discover that the “unique” sidebars are now on every page except the “Home” page. When I look at my posts every single one has a check mark beside “custom sidebar” but it’s not possible to uncheck this box. What am I doing wrong here? I can’t get any answers from their support forum.

    • Mmmmm, so it wounds as if you have checked all the settings in your Appearance > Widget areas. Double check that some other box isn’t checked under another tab. What theme are you using, as there could be rare cases when it doesn’t behave with one. Also what is the URL?

  5. Is there a way to use Woosidebars for a sidebar on the Products Category page – I cant see this… What I want to achieve is a different sidebar (for relative posts) to the product category – ie; Its a health site so on the products category page for say Adrenal all the Adrenal product I want to show relevent posts for visitors to read

    • Hey Brian, yeah, I see what you mean. Products categories aren’t listed there. So I am a bit confused, how are these posts that are relevant to the product category Adrenal created? It sounds as if they are posts and not actual products, right?


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