12 WooCommerce Plugins Our Readers Love

I typically don’t write posts like this. You know, the 10 Plugins That Will Make Your WordPress Site Faster sort of thing. Or worst yet, The 10 Must-Have WooCommerce plugins.

In the latter example, there are no must-have plugins because each WordPress site is unique and there are just too many variables. In the other case, well, it can be confusing picking from 10 plugins that essentially do the same thing, but are a little different. I would rather focus on one good plugin at a time and show you what it does.

12 WooCommerce Plugins You May Not Know About

Though it’s a rare occurrence, I thought a list might be in order. I decided to take the top 13 posts on WordPress plugins, extensions and add-ons from the past year according to Google Analytics. In other words, what people are searching for— and finding the answer via our blog.

Now note that there are tons of great plugins out there and even ones we have written about that were more recently published, so this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe there is some gem in here you have been looking for. Here they are.

Customize Your WooCommerce Shop and Product Pages with Storefront

Extension: Storefront Powerpack – Learn how easy it is to create both custom product and shop pages on your WooCommerce site without knowing code. A perfect way to up your online store’s game.

How to Redirect Customers To a Thank-you Page With WooCommerce

Plugin: WooCommerce Redirect Thank You – How many times have you wished that after someone makes a purchase you could redirect them to a page with a thank-you? Maybe a page with additional instructions, even an up-sell to top off their order details? This will do it for you.

Adding Fees to WooCommerce with Conditional Logic

Plugin: Advanced Fees – In this post, I show you how to use this plugin for WooCommerce to easily add conditional logic for advanced fees without knowing code.

How To Easily Create Add-ons for WooCommerce Products

Extension: Product Add-Ons – Learn how to easily create add-ons for your WooCommerce products or services. For example, accessories or other information required when a customer makes a purchase.

How to Integrate Dropshipping into Your WooCommerce Online Store

Extension: WooCommerce Dropshipping – If you are an online retailer who is planning on using dropshipping and WooCommmerce, here is an easy solution for you.

Create and Customize WooCommerce Product Bundles or Boxes

Plugin: Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce – Create and customize pre-set product bundles. Or let your customer choose their own products for a custom box.

How To Add Customized Automated Messages to Your WooCommerce Shop

Plugin: WooCommerce Advanced Messages – Learn how to create custom messages for your WooCommerce online store. You can do this using a long list of conditions and strategic placement choices.

Combine the Power of Gravity Forms and WooCommerce for Your WordPress Online Store

Add-On: WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product – Link any product in WooCommerce to Gravity Forms and take advantage of pricing fields, conditional logic, user input prices and other cool options.

How to Create Specific Customer Discounts and Pricing with WooCommerce

Plugin: Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce – This plugin gives you an easy way to create flat rate or percentage discounts for specific registered users, user roles and groups on your WooCommerce site.

How to Give Store Credits to Customers on Your WooCommerce Site

Extension: WooCommerce Store Credit – Give your customers store credits easily and allow for full or partial payments via checkout.

How to Increase Your Sales With Upsells and WooCommerce

Plugin: 1 Click Upsells – This WooCommerce plugin lets you create custom landing pages with upsells customers are directed to after entering their credit card information.

Managing and Customizing Tabs for Your WooCommerce Products

Extension: WooCommerce Tab Manager – How to manage and customize the tabs on your WooCommerce product pages using the WooCommerce Tabs Manager Extension.

Again, these are only a few of what we have here on our blog and many more will be coming in future posts. Just remember, there is probably a plugin out there that will do the trick for your own specific needs.