2020. A Year of Pivots and Moves When Building with WooCommerce

2020 brought growth to many WooCommerce businesses, but along with that there were times for pivots and changes.

Pivoting in 2020

Sharon Yates shared her thoughts around pivoting in the podcast.

Yeah, I think that obviously 2020 is going to be a huge reminder of people trying to pivot. A lot of people, a lot of businesses are now pivoting to put themselves into a more online selling feature than just be in a a boutique brochure. So yeah, I do see that. And of course there’s a lot of people that lost their jobs that are trying to find a way to create income. Those are the people I’m hoping to reach. I can teach them how to build and help them figure out how to market themselves. I’m trying to pivot myself to capture a lot of that as well, to help people get their income back. I’m hoping to at least use my coaching for some good.

Moving to Maintenance

Dave Lockie shared why they made the move to Woo maintenance.

We were ready to move very quickly to what they were already doing. So I’d say that the overlap, the Venn diagram, I love Venn diagrams, what we did as businesses was pretty much 100% overlapped, but it was about the waiting. So where we (Pragmatic Agency) were kind of 80% project-based and 80% CMS-based, Angry Creative were almost the opposite. They were more like 80% WooCommerce, almost 80% retainer. And when we look at the impact of COVID and lockdown we see, “All right. If we ignore some sectors got absolutely hammered, then project losses versus retainer losses were much worse in terms of pipeline and projects being put on pause.” So it was a much more fragile sort of commercial outlook. Plus WooCommerce being a sort of growth space.