A Refresh in the Do the Woo News Roundup

A Refresh in the Do the Woo News Roundup
Do the Woo News

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Since January 10th, I have been bringing you a weekly Do the Woo news roundup. On April 21st, I added the podcast in order to offer you either option.

The Expectations of the Friday Roundup

My intention was to bring you weekly news around WooCommerce as well as agency news, new products and services and events. This worked out okay, but only off and on, due to a couple of reasons.

My hope was that the people in the community would submit news and between that and what I found myself, it would be enough for a weekly roundup.

Well, it turns out that keeping watch in the space and scouring sites, feeds and Google alerts that I had set up produced limited content. And submissions of new products and services were few and far between.

What is Woo News?

Another part I have struggled with is what is the news that is fit to print? What do I see as news? New plugins and extensions, or what is happening with WooCommerce core— the people working with Woo and the growth of it beyond just the developers and extension authors?

Interestingly, when I looked at other WooCommerce-centric blogs, even ones that called themselves news, or actually had it in the name, these news posts were nothing more than tutorials and product reviews. I saw very little of what I would consider news.

Even searches in Google news would bring up items such as a special deal being offered for a bazillion plugins for only $29.

You can probably see where I am going with this.

What You Will See as Far as News

There are two shifts I am making in the way I do the news.

From Weekly Roundup to News When It Happens

The Friday weekly roundup will end. Instead, I will find worthy news that I discover or, if submitted, fits my criteria. I’m not putting any solid parameters on what I will consider news, but I will know it when I see it.

These will also be made available by way of the Do the Woo News podcast. There will be no set schedule. I am looking at reporting the news when it happens. (or shortly thereafter)

New Products and Services

Again, this will not be weekly. I will occasionally do a post with some new plugins, extensions or services, but not on a regular, weekly basis. Most of these will be by means of my own discovery, but I will still accept submissions.

That is what you will be seeing (and hearing) when it comes to my Woo news. So stay tuned!

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