A Week of Woo

Last Sunday, I shared a post about WooConf (a WooCommerce Conference) coming up and the interview I will be doing this year on stage.

As I looked at the week, I saw how saturated in Woo my life would be. Sure, I share, blog, podcast and talk a lot about WooCommerce, but I thought this would be a good week in particular to ‘Wooify‘ my site and social shares. If you are not interested in WooCommerce, don’t dismay. It’s just this one week and there are plenty of posts in my archives that you can dig out for some light reading. Besides, some of the ideas and concepts may actually relate to your work.


Monday – The week starts off like any week. I will be in my home office, but getting ready for all the Woo to come. For Monday’s post, it  seemed appropriate to visit the newest release of WooCommerce that happened this last week and see what is up with that.


Tuesday – This day’s post will be a look at a new plugin from my friends over at ShopPlugins. It is a toolbox for the WooCommerce Subscription extension  and it looks really sweet. Also, Tuesday will be the start of my official Woo Week activities. Our local WooCommerce Meetup (I’m a co-organizer) is joining up with the Seattle WordPress Meetup for: The Big Meetup: A Pre-WooConf Mashup. This meetup is  for everyone. Whether you are going to WooConf or not, it’s a chance to meet some of the people coming to town early for the conference, reconnect and meet some new WordPress/WooCommerce peeps. It’s family-friendly, with pizza and a good time on the menu. And of course, it’s free!


Wednesday – This is the day of our weekly BobWP eCommerce Show. My show guest runs his online store on Shopify. Ha! See, I’m threw you for a loop here. It will be interesting even for WooCommerce peeps because he works with artisans in three countries to sell some really cool shoes. Remember, although it’s on Shopify, we need to keep an open mind and understand and embrace all options. In fact, you will learn why he chose that platform. Also, the sponsor, Jilt, has a great service for cart abandonment for WooCommerce. So you may want to check them out.

That afternoon I am invited to a private event with some WooCommerce experts. In fact, I will be surrounded by agency- and developer-types. I expect to be right in my element despite my lack of coding skills. Following that up is the WooConf speaker dinner, which is sure to be another great time. We’ll be partaking in cuisine on the Seattle waterfront and doing all that is Woo. Good times!



Thursday – All I can say here is that it will be serious Woo overload. Great sessions. Vendor chats. Connections with new friends. Catching up with old friends. And  I’ll be interviewing with Beka Rice for the following week’s BobWP eCommerce Show. Beka works for SkyVerge and Jilt, and we are going to be talking about cart abandonment. Also, I may wander a bit with my mic and see if I can pick up some other snippets and attendee insights for another podcast episode.

We will be making an official announcement on the blog here that day: the launch of our third podcast. That’s all I’m going to say now about that.

And lastly, more events. I’ll be hanging at the WooConf Happy Hour and, after that, a special get-together my friends at SkyVerge and Prospress are putting together.


Friday – Since Friday’s our Monetizer Podcast day, I will make sure I have one ready for my listeners. I’ll be sharing a condensed history of how I have used WooCommerce to make money on our website since its release. It’s an episode to give you insights in all the ways you can use WooCommerce to sell a variety of products and services.

This is the second and last day of WooConf. I will continue seeking out good times and new friends, and, as I mentioned in my post last week, in the afternoon I’ll be taking the stage to interview Todd Wilkens, Head of WooCommerce.  The day will end with an after-party and lots of goodbyes.


Saturday – As I head home that morning, I’ll look forward to some rest, relaxation and reflection. I’ll pull out my swag and share it with Judy, and if there are any t-shirts, as always, she gets first choice. I’m hoping someone will have some chocolate so I can bring her some home to her. Maybe I’ll need to make a side trip for that.

On Saturday I will be doing a post on the WooCommerce Email Customizer extension. Something simple for a simple Saturday.


Sunday – Well, I had to make this a complete week. Not sure how much Woo will be moving around inside my brain, but likely it will hang like a low-lying fog and I’ll look at the coming week to see if there is anyone I need to follow up with.

And for the last post of this week, I will be share my own experiences of using the Thirsty Affiliate plugin with WooCommerce.

And What Can You Expect in My Social Streams during My Week of Woo?

If you know me, you know that  I share a lot on social, especially Twitter. I am going to commit to only sharing content that is Woo-related all week. Follow me and get a Woo full of resources and posts to help you with your online store. During the conference I hope to tweet a bit more. Often I get so involved with talking with people and other aspects of the conference that I ignore my social. But I’ll keep you updated and share some photos. If you want to see what is happening at WooConf just use the hashtag #WooConf, but if you want to keep up on my entire week, my own hashtag is #weekofwoo.

If you are going, please be sure to find me so we can at least say ‘hi’ and do a little Woo.

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