The Do the Woo Podcast and all other content on this site is independently produced, owned and operated by BobWP and is not affiliated with WooCommerce or Automattic or any other business or entity.

I started using WordPress in 2007. The BobWP brand was born in 2010 and I spent time training and consulting for WordPress as well as writing tons of content for this site over the years.

In 2016, after having worked with WooCommerce for 5 years and started to incorporate more content around it. Well, the rest is history and in early 2019 I moved into a complete focus of WooCommerce.

The Do the Woo Podcast

The Do the Woo podcast originally started in March, 2016. After 25 episodes, later that same year we decided to change it to the WP eCommerce Show to cover the broader space of WordPress and eCommerce.

But I missed the Woo so at the end of 2017 I started it back up as a new podcast and asked Brad Williams to join me as co-host.

Since then it has been a twice monthly podcast where we bring on a guest each week, learn more about their work and experiences with WooCommerce and also conversation around news stories in both the WooCommerce and eCommerce space.

Today the site retains a lot of the content on Woo and I continue to write tutorials. But the site also brings a lot to the table about the Woo Community and news. As far as the community, I want to share with you their thoughts, what they are doing and what cool things they bring to the table plus throw in the news.

The Faces Behind the Do the Woo

BobWP – Founder and Host of Do the Woo

As I kid, I never thought of being a podcaster. Probably because it didn’t exist. But I was fascinated with radio.

I ran a marketing company prior to my entrance into the WordPress space and my first eCommerce endeavor was in 2004 with a stock photography site. It was an interesting experience and I will just leave it at that.

After that initial step into WordPress, shortly afterwards, I dove back into eCommerce a bit more by starting a membership site in 2008 as well, a time before membership sites really were catching on. And obviously with the technology nowhere at where it is today, it took us a good 9 months to develop the site.

And when WooCommerce was released in 2011, eCommerce became a bigger part of my life. I have taught and written a lot about WooCommerce, and I don’t see that ending anytime soon.

The Co-Hosts of Do the Woo

Brad Williams
CEO WebDevStudios
Twitter: @williamsba

Jonathan Wold
Community Lead, WooCommerce
Twitter: @sirjonathan

Mendel Kurland
Developer Advocate, Liquid Web
Twitter: @ifyouwillit