About BobWP

Been doing this “own a business” for a while now. Currently I do a bit of writing here but focus more on my site Do the Woo.

But here is my life, in a nutshell, before and after WordPress.

Life Before WordPress

The songs Fame by David Bowie, Killer Queen by Queen and Shining Star by Earth, Wind and Fire came out the year I graduated from high school. Also, the first Apple Computer came out the following year. (Obviously I didn’t learn about computers in school).

I began my journey of entrepreneurship in 1980 by driving an ice cream truck with annoying music. (Yes, I was driving it when Mt. St. Helen’s blew its top and I thought it was the end of the world and I would go out driving an ice cream truck).

My years of learning about computers started in the early 80’s and programming with COBOL, Assembly Language, Fortran and Basic. That lasted exactly one year which was 365 days too many. (Our instructor kindly informed us at the beginning of the course that all we learned would be out-of-date by the time we were done).

My first freelancing gig for desktop publishing was in 1989, using PageMaker and Quark XPress. (Ahhh, the days of print and when you found an error, deleting means a real garbage can).

Judy and I started and ran a marketing, design and copywriting company from 1993 to 2010 offering every imaginable marketing service you can think of. (It was Cat’s Eye Marketing and we beat out IKEA in a business award, but did lose another time to Boeing.)

I started working from home in the early 90’s when it wasn’t cool to work from home. (Not sure when it became cool).

I started using WordPress for myself and clients in 2007 because I wanted to start blogging and find an escape from creating those ugly HTML sites I was attempting to do. (I came across one with Flash in the Way Back Machine, and it still haunts my dreams).

Life with WordPress

I discovered WordPress in 2007. (Intrigued by blogging, looking for an alternative to HTML sites for our clients)

The BobWP brand came to be in 2010 because it seemed like the thing to do. (Expected more, huh?)

I started doing the Woo around the time it came out in 2011. You know, WooCommerce. (My obvious endeavor into an eCommerce site the prior decade was a flop).

I have done membership sites, online courses, etc. etc. etc. (In other words just about everything you can do with WordPress)

Over the decade I have taught and inspired thousands of people to use WordPress. (The long-term effects, I cannot even guess)

Now I podcast and publish at Do the Woo.

The Secret Sauce

Well, there really is no secret sauce. Some people spend years strategizing a means to the end. I live life one day at a time. But it doesn’t hurt to:

  • Accept people for who they are
  • Always listen
  • Be empathetic
  • Remain optimistic
  • And be as flexible as you can.