If you are a WooCommerce store owner, you are always looking for ways to sustain recurring business with customers as well as build their loyalty. Here is another option to add to that mix.

It’s simple. Allowing customers to add funds to their account and then offering them an exclusive discount if they use those funds to make a future purchase . It keeps them as a customer, creates an upsell to help you increase your revenue and sales.

Allowing Customers to Deposit Funds Into Their WooCommerce Store Account

After installing the Account Funds extension, under your WooCommerce > Settings > Account Funds, you will see these options. These funds are set globally and are not product-specific. If you offer this, it is for any purchase a customer who uses their account funds makes.

You can go with a fixed price or percentage. The discount is based on the funds used. For example, if it was set for 20% and I had $50 in my funds, I would get a $10 discount. You can also let customers top up their account funds on their account page. And there is an option to allow partial payments. If someone doesn’t have enough funds in their account, they can pay the remainder of the balance in the standard way. Or, you can require that they have the full funds in their account before getting the reward.

Adding Funds via the Account

Since I have toggled the top-up option, if I go into my account, I now find that option.

This has been added to my cart and and I can now add it to my account simply by purchasing it as I would any product.

Now I see the balance in my account.

Using the Account Funds

If I add an item to my cart, when I get to checkout, I get this message. This message shows if I am allowing partial payment, as the product I am buying exceeds the amount I have in my account.

If I choose to use my account fund, this is what I will see on my cart totals. I had the discount set to 25%. It has given me a 25% discount based on my $50 funds available. And I am using my funds. (But I have the chance to remove those if I wish.)

If I didn’t have the partial payment option toggled on, I wouldn’t get a message. Instead, when I am on the checkout page, I would be given the option to use my funds. As you can see here, I have $350 in my funds to cover this purchase and my discount is shown.

Offering Funds Added as a Product

If you would like to have a product to entice a new account holder to add a fund, you can create a product and assign it as an Accounts Fund Deposit.

Here is the product I created so anyone can use this to add funds to their account.

After purchasing it, I now have that record and the $100 has been added to my previous $350 balance.

Account Funds Reporting

Under your WooCommerce reports, you can always see the total deposits you have from your customers.

As you can see, the Account Funds extension for WooCommerce is a great way to help you increase your store sales.

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