How To Add a Custom Sales Message on the Top of Your WooCommerce Pages

Have you ever wanted to add a message about a sale at the top of your WooCommerce pages. Or maybe you want even more control. Perhaps you want it only on specific product pages or categories.

You can do this easily with the WooCommerce Conditional Content extension.

Show Special Sales Messages to Your WooCommerce Shop, Category or Product Pages

This extension gives you the ability to create content blocks with rules and placement options.

There are a variety of placement choices, as well as custom placement using hooks and filters, but in this case I am going to be using the WooCommerce > Before main content.

output settings

As you can see, I have created a general sales message that will appear above all content using the content block with a coupon code. This is done using the editor, so you can format it however you choose.

We have chosen the placement from the options I showed you before.

And we leave the rules at Always.

always display rule

This will now appear on all the shop, category and product pages. For example, the shop page:

I could narrow this down to sales only on microphones by changing the text and setting the rules to include only products in the category, microphones:

And I would only find it on those products.

Another option would be to offer the discount on only products that are more than $200.

As you can see, the offer doesn’t apply here:

But it does apply on this product:

As you can see, there are so many ways you could use this on simple messages on all your WooCommerce product pages or on specific ones.

You can check out this extension here or read our post, where you will learn even more about how you can use this extension for custom messages throughout your WooCommerce online store.

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