How To Add a Watermark to Your WooCommerce Downloadable PDF

Note: the plugin this post was written about is no longer available. We recommend that you check out this plugin on the WooCommerce Marketplace. We will soon be redoing this post.

From time to time,  you might have a PDF that is downloadable on your WooCommerce store, one that you have struggled to make sure that it wasn’t shared. Likely this is a PDF that you are selling. This could be anything from eBooks to lessons that are part of a membership-based online course. This is where the WooCommerce PDF Watermark plugin comes in.

Although this isn’t a guarantee that someone will not still share it, it can help prevent anyone else from posting the PDF on the web for downloads on their own site.

Your Downloadable Product

First, make sure your product is downloadable or you won’t get the Watermark options.

downloadable product woocommerce

Creating the Text Watermark on Your WooCommerce Downloadable PDF

When you select your Watermark options, you can choose to activate the watermark on this specific product and, using variables, customize the watermark.

Next,  choose where you want the watermark to appear on the page(s).

And you can have the watermark on multiple positions on the same page if you wish.

multiple watermark positions woocommerce

Likely you will not want your watermark text to be the same color as the pdf text in order for it to stand out, but you do have four options for color.

watermake text color woocommerce

With the option of showing the watermark on the first page, last page, both or all pages:

Lastly, you will set the size of the font for the watermark.

size of font of watermark woocommerce

When the eBook is purchased and downloaded, this is what the first and last page will look like:

final watermark on book

Adding a watermark to a PDF, whether an eBook or another document, depends on whether you feel you need to do this. Some people think that it takes away from the look of the final book, but sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And there may be other unique ways to use the plugin on your downloadable PDFs via your WooCommerce online store. So check out the WooCommerce PDF Watermark plugin to start protecting your downloads.

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