Adding Fees to WooCommerce with Conditional Logic

You create a product or service using WooCommerce. You set the price. The product may be variable: offer optional sizes and colors, for example. But what if there is a fee associated with the product? And when someone checks out, they understand that there is a fee. Well, you might ask yourself, why don’t you just build it into the total cost?

Sometimes that works, but other times, not so much. What if:

You have a product and there are additional fees associated with it if ordered and shipping to another country.

A product has a necessary fee during a limited time.

It has some unique value that you simply create with either a product tag or type.

The fact is, you don’t want to have to create or duplicate yet another product with some specific needs for an added fee.

It’s All Done Magically with Conditional Logic

If you look at the examples above, it’s really simple. For example, if the blue large shirt must have a fee added when sent to a specific country, then that fee is automatically attached. In other words, because of one action, another action happens. That is conditional logic.

The WooCommerce Fee Manager Plugin: Adding Fees to WooCommerce with Conditional Logic

Once you have activated the the Fee Manager plugin, you can start setting up your first fee.

Fee Settings

There are some simple settings for each fee. You can add the fixed amount, and it can be positive or negative, the latter if you want to offer a discount. You will also make the fee taxable and choose the tax class for it.

fee settings

Adding a Fee

This is where the conditional logic kicks in. There are several conditions that you can mix and match to get this to work perfectly for your needs. In other words, you can have a single condition or numerous ones. And each condition has its own options.

add fee conditions

A Couple of Examples

You can imagine all the options you have for adding a fee. Let me show you a couple of them. (Note: for the demo, I did not set up the shipping or taxes.)


There may be an instance where an additional fee needs to be added to one or more specific country. It could be a set fee or a percentage. If you are familiar with landed cost, this might create that needed extra fee.  For the sake of this example, I am going to use Australia.

As you can see, if I select Greece as my country. no additional fee is added.

But if I had chosen Australia, a fee would have been added. Of course, you probably want to label it with something more descriptive than Added fee.

Fees for Purchases Below a Certain Amount

Another example might be a product that costs more to produce in smaller quantities. Instead of having a restricted amount of the number that can be ordered, you let them order but they need to pay an additional fee. And if you had a group of products, it could also be done using a product tag or category. In this case, I chose a single product. The Engraved sign that requires that the customer order 5 or more to avoidthe extra fee.

If we order eight signs, there is no fee.

But if we order only three, the fee appears and is added to the total.

A couple things to note in this example:

Since this product doesn’t require the information filled in at checkout like the previous example, the fee will be shown in the cart total and at checkout.

And if you wanted to break that down further, you could create a fee for one or two ordered signs at $35.

And another one for a $25 fee if three or four are ordered.

Restricting the Content

This is a great option as membership sites because are so popular now.

add new woocommerce fee

If you are using any membership plugin with WooCommerce you can add specific fees to any user level as well as add fees according to subscription level.

content restriction for fees

Members of any subscription level(s):

members of any subscription levels

Members with an access level:

members with an access level

Members with a certain level:

members with a certain level

There are lots of opportunities to create unique fees for your products.

I hear it over and over from from store owners, devs and designers. They want flexibility in WooCommerce to make  adding fees easier. Check out the Fee Manager plugin . I guarantee. You will not be disappointed.