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Advice for Starting Your WooCommerce Business Journey

Make sure you know it (the WooCommerce business ecosystem). You can’t just come in and start a WooCommerce product company. You need to be in there whether it’s just doing a hobby site for yourself, doing websites for friends and families, previous freelance work but you need to really immerse yourself in it and discover the problems and gaps for yourself. Find out what you’re interested in and you might be particularly interested in I don’t know WooCommerce. events, websites or something, so start setting them up.

And that’s when you will find the opportunities because there are still gaps, even though there’s loads of people building products for commerce, there’s plenty of gaps and opportunities to fill them with products, but you will only find them if you’re truly immersed in it. And also, when you find those gaps, think about what is a realistic product for you. If you’re going to get venture capital funding or something, then you can aim. high and go for something complex, whereas if you’re bootstrapped and doing it as a side project alongside other work or job, then maybe go small and think what can you realistically do that there’ll be some demand for.

This came from an episode of Do the Woo with Katie Keith from Barn2 Plugins.

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