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How to Redirect Customers To a Thank You Page With WooCommerce

How many times have you wished that after someone makes a purchase you could redirect them to a page with a thank you, maybe additional instructions, even an up-sell topped off with their order details.

The WooCommerce Redirect Thank You plugin is so simple to set up.

After installing the WooCommerce Redirect Thank You plugin you will want to create your thank you pages. I would suggest you create a generic one that can be used globally for all your products. This might include other elements such as the next steps that they should take and possibly up-sells and signups. This example here may be a bit overkill, but you get the idea.

Woocommerce redirect thank you page 1

Global Thank You

Now go into your WooCommerce > Settings and you will find the tab Thank You.

First you will find the option to choose either a specific page you have created, or send it to a specific URL. If you want, you can add any scripts.

You can also redirect these pages based on the payment gateway they chose.

Or if you prefer, you can add a special thank you to the completed email order. You can create as many of these as you want based on specific products or categories.

There are some shortcodes you can use as well.

Custom Thank-you Pages

The truth be known, likely there are times you want products to have their own thank you pages. Maybe you rather not have all those up-sells but something much simpler. Well, again easy peasy. Once you have created a product you will find an option on that product page to select the specific thank you page just for that product.

Add Order Details

I previously showed you the shortcodes. For example, n any thank you page you can easily add order details by inserting this shortcode: [growdev_order_details]

woocommerce redirect thank you add order details

And now that added info is appended to the page for you customers.

woocommerce redirect thank you with order info

What If There Is More Than 1 Product In Their Shopping Cart?

You may be wondering what happens when multiple products are purchased and only one has a custom Thank You page? If multiple products are in the cart and one has a custom thank you page the customer will be redirected to that page.  The Order Details shortcode will still show all products in the order.

In addition, what happens when multiple products each have a custom Thank You page assigned? The first product in the cart to have a Thank You page will be used for the redirect.

There you have it, and as I said, it can’t get much simpler. Get the WooCommerce Redirect Thank You Plugin.

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