An Introduction to Taxes in WooCommerce

We all know there are two inevitable things in life, and when it comes to your WooCommerce shop, yes taxes are very likely to play into that mix.

But there are so many variables based on what you sell, where you sell it and to whom you sell it.

If you are just starting to dive into WooCommerce, or even contemplating it, in this video from the Seattle WooCommerce Meetup, Mendal Kurland walks us through the basics of setting up your taxes in WooCommerce.

Note that this is not a slideshow, but a live walk-through in the WordPress dashboard. This is a video recording of a Seattle WooCommerce meetup virtual presentation. You may want to attend our next meetup so you can join and listen in on the question and discussion part of the meetup.

Thanks to Mendel from Nexcess for the presentation.

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