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Andrew Youderian Talking WordPress, eCommerce and WooCommerce

I am chatting with Andrew Youderian, founder of It was great having Andrew on the show as he brings in a bigger perspective on the eCommerce space. Aside from blogging and podcasting, Andrew focuses on his private community that helps 7-figure plus store owners.

With this kind of background, what he brings to the show is perfect for any and all eCommerce sites. Not only do we get a chance to chat about his 2019 State of the Merchant report, but also gather some insight about WordPress in the eCommerce space from someone who uses WordPress on their own site. 

Listen to Andrew talk about:

  • What the 2019 State of the Merchant Report is.
  • How smaller stores can find valuable information in the report.
  • His perspective on the role WooCommerce is playing in the bigger eCommerce space.
  • What surprises he found in this year’s report.
  • Why he chose WordPress to run his site,
  • His favorite WordPress plugins.
  • Whether he is using the latest WordPress editor, aka Gutenberg.
  • What he considers will be a big gains or losses in the 2020 State of the Merchant Report.

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