If you are interested in being a guest, please read this first.

Our podcast is very conversational and isn’t a typical interview style podcast. I would suggest you listen to at least a couple episodes before contacting us.

How Does the Show Roll?

As I mentioned it if very conversational. You will be introduced and have the chance to tell us what you do in the WooCommerce community.

The conversation is about you, not your product.

From there the conversation is free flow with questions we will ask you.

Secondly, we cover a few news items each episode. You will get a link to those articles/posts one week prior to the recording and I encourage you to check it out beforehand as we want you to be part of the conversation around those as well.

Lastly we are looking for active individuals and companies in the WooCommerce space. We want to hear about how you started with WooCommerce and what you have learned over the course of your journey in the community. As I mentioned, this is about you or your company, not your product.

Fill Out This Form

Fill out this simple form and tell of who you are and why you want to be on the podcast. Please note that if you are not the right fit, and because of the volume we receive, you may not get a response from me.

  • Please provide a direct link that will tell us more about you as an individual or your company. Not your product or service link.
  • If I know you personally, you can skip this part.