Ensure the Best User Experience on Your WooCommerce Store in 2021

In the year 2021, one thing that we probably learned more than anything in the website world is that having a website and having an online presence is absolutely essential. There were so many businesses this year that had the opportunity to find out how they could create the best experience for their clients and for their customers through an online presence. That was one of the exciting parts of this particular year.

But now that you have a website up and running and sales are starting to come through, what can you do to ensure a continuously good experience from this point going forward? Well, I think that the options are really limitless, but when I want to talk about today specifically is making sure that your site is performant and secure.

These are things that happen in the backend that sometimes maybe we take for granted because things seem to be going so well on the end. It’s important to do security checks on your website to make sure that it’s in the ultimate health and then also making sure that the speed of your website is what it needs to be for your client base.

The thing about an eCommerce website that I think is probably more important than any other website is that people are not going to spend money unless they trust the website. Because of this, that’s where security performance really comes into play to create that experience for your particular users.

In addition to that, making sure that your site is continuously maintained is also very important, as WordPress and WooCommerce and plugins continuously deliver updates that sometimes contain very important security patches. We have the responsibility to make sure that all of those things are updated on our website, again, constantly contributing to the ultimate experience for our client base.

This was a tip from Jodie Riccelli at WebDevStudios on a recent podcast of tips for WooCommerce builders in 2021. You can listen to that podcast here.