Beta Test WooCommerce 3.9 and Get a Nice Reward

The next update, WooCommerce 3.9, is around the corner in early January 2020. You know what that means.

Not only are you able to test it and help make sure as many kinks and twists have been ironed out as possible, but you also get a chance to test it on your own site, which is invaluable.

The WooCommerce Beta Testing Program

The whole point of this is make sure your store doesn’t have any hiccups when updating. Giving feedback will help the team to work on the issues, recommendations from you on how they can work out the bugs.

There is a short survey to fill out when registering for the beta testing.

And a Nice Suprise

Aside from the fact that being involved helps you and others, word has it in the WooCommerce Slack channel that you will get rewarded with a $200 WooCommerce. com coupon. Sweet, huh?

Head on over and let’s make sure the release of 3.9 is the smoothest yet.

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