Blogging for WooCommerce Site with a Content Ninja

In this chat, I’m talking with Nicole Kohler, who works at Automattic and is the Content Ninja for I had a chance to chat with her about how store owners can get the most out of blogging on their online shop. We all know that blogging is an incredible marketing tool, but also that it takes time. Nicole shared her own experience with managing a blog on an eCommerce site and also what she has learned from talking with WooCommerce users.

We chatted about:

  • Why—or why not— every online shop should have a blog
  • The biggest challenges shop owners have when starting a blog
  • Whether, if you are concerned about content taking the attention away from customers buying your products, you should run your blog on a separate site
  • What are the advantages to blogging for a small shop owner, as opposed to a big store
  • How store owners can take advantage of storytelling

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