BobWP is Now Do the Woo – WooCommerce News and Community

Note: on October 15th, 2020, Do the Woo has a new home.

On December 19th, we announced on the upcoming changes to the Do the Woo podcast— not only to the podcast, but this entire site.

Officially, is now Do the Woo on

Over the last decade, this site has been dedicated to posts and tutorials teaching you how to use WordPress. Three years ago, we started posting more about WooCommerce and over time, the content grew around WooCommerce. In March of this year, we made the switch to totally focus on WooCommerce.

Now Comes Do the Woo

This entire site will now be devoted to WooCommerce news and community. Posts and tutorials will remain on the site and we will continue to occasionally publish content on the educational side of things.

The Woo News

We will scour the internet to find news about and around WooCommerce. This will range from core itself, to the community and new products and services.

News posts will be determined by our editorial guidelines and what we consider worthy of a full post. But, each Friday our Do the Woo News will highlight what we have gathered over the last week.

If you have a new extension, plugin or theme, free or paid, that you would like to be considered in our news updates, you can submit your news.

Do the Woo Podcast – Weekly with New Co-hosts

In the past, Brad Williams and I have brought you the podcast twice a month. Now that we are going weekly, two gracious, talented people have agreed to be co-hosts for the other two weeks:

Jonathan Wold – Community Lead for WooCommerce

Mendel Kurland – Developer Advocate at Liquid Web

With the combination of the hosts’ backgrounds and experiences, this brings an even wider perspective to the podcast.

I will also be adding full transcripts to each show that are even more readable than what you find on many podcasts.

Format will continue as it has. Each week, we will bring in an individual from the WooCommerce community. We will also cover 2-3 news topics. The best part of this format is that you never know where the conversation will go.