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Breaking Into the WooCommerce Ecosystem as a Product Developer

If you are a product developer, you may be thinking of moving into the the Woo ecosystem. You may be starting a plugin or extension or have already built it. Maybe you are looking at a big player in the space to acquire it. Or reselling on the WooCommerce marketplace. Here are three good places to start.

Make Your Product Compelling

What is compelling about a product is when it’s really created with customer need in mind. Less breath, and more depth. By that have it focus on this one problem and just really introduce an elegant, simple, easy solution that reflects and understanding of the customer’s true need.

Everyone has seen products out there, plugins, extensions, consumer products that are just patched together, modified from one thing to suit a different need. What is important is the thing that you’re creating really does meet a real need in the market.

Introduce an Elegant Solution

This is looking at it from the customer perspective and not from a coding or development standpoint If the store owner uses your plugin , they want to with minimal guidance and to be able to feel confident in their use of it. That is the bigger picture.

This may not be feasible depending on the level of complexity of the problem that you’re trying to solve. But it can be bolstered by really great docs, videos, and how to’s. With Google these days, people can find guidance out there. If they are using something and it’s intuitive or it’s adapting to their skill level or needs, that is really beautiful.

Winning Hearts with Reviews

It’s not always about market share or numbers. It’s also about winning the hearts of those that you’re trying to serve. So the amount of passion that comes through reviews should reflect a love for a brand, or the story about “hey, it really made my work a lot easier,” or “It boosted my sales by 40 percent,” or, “it changed how I think about my business, and it changed the opportunity for me.”

These are just three examples that were shared with from Clara Lee who leads product marketing at WooCommerce.com. She has a lot of insights she shares more behind the scenes via marketing the WooCommerce marketplace and other products. You can listen to the full podcast. Or if you would like to hear my perspective on breaking into the Woo ecosystem, I have a few thoughts as well.

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