Bringing an Added Touch of Media to Your WooCommerce Products

Often when new versions of WordPress plugins come out I have found that I seem to focus more on the smaller, less-mentioned new features. Maybe it’s because I’m not wearing the hat as a true site owner using that plugin. Or perhaps I am looking at what it brings to the front end of your site and the user-experience. Whatever the case, that is what I found with WooCommerce 3.1.

Yes, the Product Importer and Shipping Features are Good

I agree, the new built-in import/export feature to add and update products is great. Helps you to get your site up and running without having to get an extension.

Also, the ease they have added for shipping in the US and Canada is also useful, especially if you are doing this in those geographic areas.

Managing Your WooCommerce Subscriptions

They have also made this easier as well since you can now connect to instead of adding their WooCommerce Helper extension.

Built-in Terms and Conditions Pop-Up

And again, another extension baked into the WooCommerce core. This is cool because of the user-friendly implications to it. No longer do you have to go and read the terms and conditions. Now they will pop-up for your customers to agree to on the checkout page, without having to leave the checkout page. Sweet.

But Here Was What Really Caught My Attention

In the post on the WooCommerce blog, there was this one mention.

First, you can now use oEmbed in short descriptions, which means store owners can add videos and other rich media throughout their site.

Mmmmmm, that sounds pretty awesome to me. And if you think about this, imagine the marketing possibilities.

So there you have it. Now start thinking of all of those creative ways to can increase your WooCommerce product sales with added media.