But Your Client Says I’m Not Selling Physical Products

Over the years the WordPress space has changed dramatically. And yes, we can also include WooCommerce in this mix.

As you start out adding WooCommerce site builds to your services, you will need to brace yourself for the question, Why WooCommerce?

There are so many variables that will bring up that question. But one might be…

But I’m not selling physical products.

A Woo Story Sans Physical Products

This goes all the way back to April 25, 2009, when I bought my first Woo theme.  In fact, I bought two Woo themes. Seven months later, I purchased three more. This was about a year after I had started using WordPress and I never looked back.

Because of the experience I had with WooThemes, when they released WooCommerce in 2011, I was intrigued. I installed it. I played with it. I thought Mmmmm, this just might be something.

And it was.

Since then, WooCommerce has always been a part of BobWP.com and my other sites in one way or another. And I’ve sold a lot of different stuff using WooCommerce:

  • WordPress site design
  • WordPress site packages
  • WordPress training
  • WordPress support
  • WordPress coaching
  • Affiliates
  • Memberships
  • Donations
  • Subscriptions
  • eBooks
  • Workshop tickets
  • Workshop sponsorships
  • Sponsored posts
  • Advertisements
  • Podcast sponsorships

You will notice that this is missing one thing. No physical products. I’m not sure how much I can add weight to your case but feel free to send them over here to take a look at that list.