Cart and Checkout Block Comes to WooCommerce Blocks 2.6

In a recent update of WooCommerce blocks, the new Cart and Checkout block have been introduced. These are not the only improvements to the plugin, but are really the most notable. They are now available for testing.

Both the cart and checkout have been in the conversation for sometime when it comes to Woo blocks. User requests I have heard surrounding these blocks has been going on as well.

Two important aspects of these new blocks is that it allowed for a new design, which many feel is overdue.

Also, creating these blocks was complexing and challenging according to WooCommerce and are part of the feature plugin. That means that these two will eventually make their way into WooCommerce core, but this current availability gives an opportunity for some solid user testing before making that move.

The WooCommerce Cart Block

As you can see you can optionally edit both the empty cart and full cart. Here is the view for the empty cart.

cart block empty

And the full cart.

cart block full

The WooCommerce Checkout Block

And here is the checkout block.

checkout block

It is noted, as it should be that this is the time for testing and if you are using this in production, we need to actively keep track of any changes in future releases.

I feel this is another great move on implementing blocks into WooCommerce and what the future holds. You can see the post specifically on the cart and check blocks here or visit this post on the larger overview of the WooCommerce Blocks 2.6 update.

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