Celebrating 10 Years of the BobWP Brand

Ten years ago, as I was rethinking my brand, I came up with a brilliant idea. Well, maybe it wasn’t brilliant, but it seems to have worked.

It ended to be sweet and simple, something easy to remember. And that sums up bobWP.

How Did the BobWP Brand Come to Be?

There is no funny or insightful story here. But the pieces seemed to just fall together. Right place, right time, that sort of thing. In 2007, after running our business, Cat’s Eye Marketing, for 17 years, I discovered WordPress. I liked it.

I mean, I really liked it.

After three years with WordPress, I decided on two things:

  1. I would stop all of our print design and move to web design.
  2. I would use WordPress only.

The rest, as they say, is history. I pondered on a new name. I knew the brand would obviously be around myself, but Bob is a fairly common name. So why not add WP to the end of it? And yes, the domain was available.

Of course it would be. Ha!

I knew exactly what I was doing, tying my name and brand to WordPress. There was no turning back.

A Decade of Twists and Turns

I could probably take this part and turn it into an ebook, everything I have done with WordPress. I could tell you the highs and lows. What worked and what sucked. But let’s just say that the only thing I haven’t done with WordPress is development, or coding. And I don’t see that coming up in the next ten years either.

And Now for Something Completely Different

I can’t help myself. That is my line from one of my favorite shows, Monty Python.

But seriously, often with a birthday or anniversary of a business, especially when you hit that decade mark, it’s time to celebrate. Some brands do it by throwing a party. Others slash prices or give away a bunch of other peoples products. And there is everything in between.

Under the circumstances that are happening in the world right now, am simply writing this post. I’m just wishing for everyone to be cautious, stay healthy and most of all, hold on to that empathy for others in these times.

As for myself, I’m just shooting for another decade. Best wishes to all my readers. And stay safe.