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Patrick Rauland Chats about the Challenges WooCommerce Shop Owners Face

In this podcast, we hosted our very first guest. Patrick Rauland, WooCommerce Product Manager at Automattic, joins me to share his wealth of Woo knowledge and experiences.

Patrick was my sounding board when I first started thinking about this podcast. We both came to the conclusion that many challenges that WooCommerce shop owners face aren’t solely on the tech side of things. Take a listen to hear what he had to say.

What we chatted about:

  • The misconceptions of starting a eCommerce site
  • How to make sure you are taking the right steps at the right time
  • The most overlooked piece when it comes to marketing
  • The role social plays in your eCommerce shop
  • The success of niche membership sites and what we can expect in the future

And lastly, I asked Patrick to put on his customer hat and answer some fun questions on his own shopping experiences.

You can find him at Patrick’s Programming Blog or on Twitter @BFTrick.

I’ll see you around.