How To Set a Time Limit For Customer Checkout with WooCommerce

Some of the simplest, needed plugins evolve from the need of a client. This is the case here. Liquid Web found that clients were asking for an easy way to set a time limit on customer checkouts. They did just that and now it’s a free plugin called WooCommerce Cart Expiration.

Setting a Checkout Time Limit On Your WooCommerce Shop

We wrote about a plugin that allows you to create limited-time offers using WooCommerce that gives you control over specific products and time frames. But there are times when you need something simpler. A timer that is set for all products on checkout. This is where this plugin comes in handy.

It’s simple. In your WooCommerce > Settings > General you will find these two settings at the bottom of the tab:

cart expiration settings

If we go to our checkout, we see it in the upper right hand corner:

That’s it. You can find this free plugin over on