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Chris Lema Talks About Membership Sites On Your WooCommerce Site

In this podcast, I’m talking with Chris Lema, membership site expert and blogger at Chris is a software executive of 21 years and has worked with clients on some of the largest membership sites around. Chris brings his expertise to the show and shares his experiences with memberships on eCommerce and WooCommerce sites, while giving us some great tips on how we should plan to dive into this part of eCommerce.

We chatted about:

  • How membership and subscription sites are mistakenly considered the same— and what the real difference is
  • The most important considerations if you have an existing online store that you want to expand to include memberships
  • What makes the WooCommerce membership extension so unique and powerful
  • One of the largest mistakes that he sees online store owners making with membership sites
  • Some of the coolest eCommerce sites that Chris has seen incorporate memberships
  • An interesting product that has been recently released in the WooCommerce space