How to Give WooCommerce Store Customers an Easy Way to Compare Products

If you have a store where you carry several similar products, it is a huge benefit to give your customers the opportunity to easily compare these products. A side-by-side comparison, especially for certain products, can mean the difference between a conversion or not.

And it’s really easy to do with the WooCommerce Products Compare extension. Just install and activate.

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Giving Your Customers the Option to Compare Products

From prices, to ratings to technical specs, nothing beats making it easy, especially if you have a lot of products, many that are similar.

Once you have installed and activated it, there are no settings as it works out-of-the-box. If you look at your shop page, any archive page or even a single product page, you will now find a compare option.

Once you have selected the products to compare, by clicking on the icon, you will be taken to the comparison page.

Compare Products Widget

The extension comes with a widget for any widget-friendly area of your site.

This way, a customer can continue shopping on your site while seeing which products they have on their comparison list, as well as add new products.

The WooCommerce Products Compare extension is easy to use on your site. It’s another example of how adding simple features to your WooCommerce online store can make the customer’s experience even better.