How To Connect Your WooCommerce Shop with Square


Close to a month ago WooCommerce announced the integration with Square.

This Was Freaking Big News

Yes it was. For one thing, from what I understand this was the biggest integration that has been requested for WooCommerce. Secondly, even more important, you are able to take payments offline and online using Square and it keeps inventories updated and synced with any changes you make via Square to WooCommerce. Sweet, huh?

When you think about it, what better integration. You can take that point of sales anywhere now with the WooCommerce Square Extension.

I Remember a Past Client

Sometime ago I was working with a client on their WooCommerce site. They sold some pretty cool crafts at a local, popular place called Pike Place Market in Seattle. He loved Square for how easy it was and I had to grin as every time his salesperson got a sale at his booth, he would be notified on his phone or computer. At one point he said, She’s doing a good job today, lots of sales. But I also remember him sharing his frustration of the lack of integration with WooCommerce and Square. This has been well over a year since I worked with him. I’m hoping he stuck to WooCommerce and is now jumping with joy.

Back To the Square Extension for WooCommerce

With Square you can now accept payments with your WooCommerce online store. It’s the same solution for both your brick and mortar space and your online shop. But there are a couple things you need to know:

  1. Square payments are only available in the U.S. and Canada at the time of this post.
  2. You will need an SSL certificate on your checkout page to use this extension.


When you first install this extension and activate it, you will need to connect your site to Square.

WooCommerce Square connect to square

Then you get this screen and you will need to click Allow to proceed.

WooCommerce square permissions

The Sync Settings for WooCommerce Square

Once you have it connected, you can now go to WooCommerce > Settings > Integration. This is where you will set the final connections and get your site and your Square account synced up. You will notice that the auto-sync for inventory only works from Square to WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Square intergration

Square Payment Gateway Settings

Now you can set it up to offer Square as a payment option on your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Square Checkout

That’s it. If you would like to see the details of any of these settings, I recommend visiting the documentation on this extension. Also, be aware that you can only use this for one Square location at this time, and that you need to set SKU’s for your products to make sure the syncing works properly.

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