Considering a Podcast for Your WooCommerce Online Store?

Podcasting takes some work. What doesn’t, right?

You may have been considering a podcast for your online store. But, of course, there is the question of resources. Do you have the time? Do you have the budget? Will anyone listen to you?

I’ve been podcasting since 2014 and those questions have never left my mind. Truth is, though, it could be the perfect fit for you.

Introducing Podcasting with WordPress

I truly believe that podcasting is a valuable tool to anyone who sells on WordPress. Even back in March of 2017, my friend Matt Medeiros was on our podcast and talked about the benefits of podcasting for online store owners.

If you’re in a business where maybe you don’t want to be in their face, you really can’t put on that show or it’s just something that’s not of interest to you, look to the product itself. Tell the story about the product.

Matt Medeiros – WP eCommerce Show

Telling a Story

People who sell stuff have stories. Your customers have stories. And though it may seem like storytelling is oversold as a way to create content, that’s not true.

If done right, a story can go a long ways. And storytelling will always be around.

Our Newest Site:

Which brings me to our newest project. As a tool, podcasting is growing and growing. But I don’t want to fill this site with podcasting-specific posts as I have more than enough to write about on helping you with sales, conversions and other aspects of a successful WooCommerce site.

Podcasting with WordPress will be the place to learn how to start your own podcast and how to grow it. It’s not specific to any niche or genre. The tips we bring you will work for you no matter what you are selling.

If you are on the edge, ready to jump in, or just curious, check out our new site at

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