Content, Gutenberg and the User Experience with BobWP and Cody Landefeld

Content, Gutenberg and the User Experience with BobWP and Cody Landefeld
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

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In this Do the Woo episode, Cody Landefeld joins me as my co-host for some talk around Woo.

We kicked off the show by talking about content and eCommerce sites in a general sense. We all know that larger eCommerce sites may have the resources, but does the smaller store struggle with adding content to the mix?

Then we transitioned to Gutenberg and Cody shared how, as an agency that works primarily in eCommerce, he is preparing for new move to the new WordPress editor. I was glad to hear that his priority was educating clients when it comes to Gutenberg.

We touched on the latest release of WooCommerce, a minor one, and what, if anything, caught our attention.

And next, a hop over to an article I read about Google’s Ad Mute option. We all know how often we buy a product online, only to find an ad for it that continues to pop up after our purchase. thereafter. We wondered if people would make the effort to remove these ads with Google’s new feature, as it does take just that, extra effort.

Lastly, I asked We Cody if he has any predictions for 2018 and if there was anything happening in his world that he wanted to share. Interestingly enough, he talks about user experience in the overall space of online stores and also some exciting stuff he has going on at ModeEffect.

Won’t you join us?

You can find Cody:

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