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Contributing to WordPress with Your Own Unique Skillset

Here’s a tip for all WordPress and WooCommerce builders out there, who want to contribute with their own unique skill set: Don’t underestimate the power of effective communication.

Whether you’re participating in a chat, leaving comments, or attending in-person events like WordCamps or meetups, it’s essential to remember that your words can have a tremendous impact. Words can hurt or heal. Clear and respectful communication can foster better understanding, collaboration, and innovation within the community. It can help you network, learn, and grow, even if you’re not a coder.

And when it comes to experiences as a woman in this field, particularly about navigating and communicating in a traditionally male-dominated environment, here’s a small takeaway: Use your unique perspective to contribute to the conversation. Don’t shy away from asking questions or sharing your insights. The WordPress community is incredibly diverse, and your voice matters.

This tip was shared by Birgit Olzem on a Do the Woo episode titled: Builder Tips from WordCamp Europe 2023 Speakers

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