How to Easily Create Enhanced Customer Profiles in WooCommerce

Enhanced profile for your customers can help you engage their user experience in many ways. Learn how to bring more to the WooCommerce customer profiles.

With the ProfileGrid plugin, you can fine tune the profiles of your customers based on your store and what you sell, with options to display purchases and reviews, manage addresses and more.

In this post I am using the premium version of ProfileGrid with all of its added extensions. Although you may not need every one of them for you store, the fact that you can add them based on your own needs makes this plugin even more flexible.

How to Extend Your Customer Profiles in WooCommerce with ProfileGrid

We will not dive into many of the features of this plugin that are geared toward public profiles. It is a very robust plugin with lots of special features but we are going to focus here on using it with WooCommerce.

Global Settings

Here you will see a variety of global settings, depending on your needs.

WooCommerce Integration

When you toggle the WooCommerce integration on, you get some added options. The Edit Group options have some features that you can toggle off and on specifically for WooCommerce. You can see that I have them all toggled on.

The Profile Page

After we have gone through all the settings and toggled on what we want to have displayed on the profile page, this is what it looks like.

The picture of the customer can be pulled in from their Gravatar if that setting is toggled on. The header image is something you will be able to put in as a default. Both the profile and header image can be changed by the customer.

Also you can see that a total for all purchases is also visible to them.

Messages and notifications can also be toggled on or off. Messages can be used to send private messages to specific customers if there is something that you need to let them know about an order, or some other matter that may come up.

They will also find their purchases here with the product image and you will set the number of purchases that you want to show globally on all profiles.

They can also see the reviews they have left.

profile reviews

And the account setting where you can change your password, addresses, etc.

settings in profile

A couple of options is the settings make this stand out a from the default WooCommerce account page.

First, this plugin uses groups and as you can see here, I have one group called customers. Depending on how you have this plugin set up for you site around public profiles and friends, under the privacy tab, they have options for both profile privacy and the ability to hide their profile from groups, directories and search results.

Secondly, they can easily delete their accounts, which may be preferable if they are no longer purchasing anything from your site.

Advanced WooCommerce Setting – Vendor- oriented

The advanced add-on gives you a vendor-oriented option by working with the WC Vendors Marketplace plugin. In order for it to work, you must have that plugin installed and activated.

Under your Edit Group settings you will find three options that you can turn on for this.

Now your vendors will be able to access their information and shop through their profile.

Other integrations into WooCommerce extensions and plugins are on the horizon for ProfileGrid as well. I would suggest you check out this post on their site to learn more of how this looks when integrated with the WC Vendors Marketplace plugin.

Custom Tabs and Fields

You can add custom tabs and fields to the profiles to ask for additional information that would be helpful for your customers. Of course, this is something you want to think through and make sure it’s valuable and doesn’t cause any privacy issues.

As you see here, we already have a bit of personal info under about.

If I go into my dashboard and click on ProfileGrid to find my groups and then click on fields, I see my personal data under the about section, called Personal. I am able to edit this section easily by adding, deleting or rearranging any of the fields.

I can easily add a new field to an existing section. As you can see, there are several options for fields that can be added, many of which will be user-based input.

I could also add another section and call it more info.

Then I could add any fields to that as needed.

This will give you a new tab under the about section of the customer profile.

With all the options you have for adding sections and fields, it makes it easy to add just about any information to a customer’s profile.

Beyond WooCommerce

For our review, we specifically touched on the uses for WooCommerce. But the ProfileGrid plugin is very flexible and can build any needed profile on your WordPress site. From accepting payments to integration with bbPress, it opens up a lot of creative flexibility to extend your user profiles as much as you want.

I suggest you check out all the features of the premium version of ProfileGrid plugin on their website and start giving your users, customers, or members the flexibility of a robust site profile.