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How to Create Upsells and Increase Sales in WooCommerce


One of the nice features in WooCommerce is being able to suggest other products to customers as they go through the buying process. There are some plugins and extensions that might have more robust features than you are looking for, but what WooCommerce offers as a built-in feature may be just what you are looking for.

What Are Up-sells and Cross-sells in WooCommerce?

For example, if you shop on Amazon, you see this all the time. Although I am sure their methods are much more sophisticated, the basic elements are the same.

In WooCommerce, when selling any product, you have the option to add up-sells and cross-sells. Both of these can make it easy for your customer to choose another option in the product line or purchase additional products. You might even use them if you are selling services with WooCommerce. They could be related services, eg. website design, with an up-sell of SEO optimization.


When someone is looking at a specific product, you have the option of adding up-sells. In this example, I am going to use a Logitech Webcam. This is a great way to get your customers to think about a similar product, same brand, that has more features, added options, and of course, is more expensive.


At checkout, there are often other products the customer could use with the existing product they are purchasing. In this example, I am suggesting that they also get a tripod and a USB extension cord.

To start adding cross-sells, go down to your settings on the specific product page and click on Linked Products.

Both up-sells and cross-sells will need to have been products you have previously added to your store. Just start typing the name of the product in the fields and they should appear.

You will see that I have added the two webcams as up-sells and the other two items as cross-sells.

add up-sells and cross-sells to WooCommerce product

Now the up-sells will show up at the bottom of the product page. This is because they the customer has not added it to the cart yet. They are looking at the page and when they see those, they will wonder, mmmm, maybe I need a webcam that is a bit more robust in features.

Of course they can just add it to their cart then and there— or click on it to learn more.

upsells on product pages

The cross-sells will be found on the actual cart page. This is for those last minute added-items that the customer may need.

cross sells on cart page

What About Related Products?

The other thing you may have noticed are Related Products. They may show up on your product page like this:

related products

This is something that happens by default in WooCommerce. If you have products assigned to the same product category, WooCommerce automatically pulls in some of those as Related Products. The only way to control what shows up is by working with your categories. The number shown is whatever the theme chooses to show.

The simple way of not having anything show up there is to not have any products assigned to the same category, which isn’t always possible. The only way to remove them or change the number shown is to add some custom code. WooCommerce has documentation that shows you how to change the number of related products output or remove the related posts.

If you do have products assigned to the same category, and you add up-sells, both will show.

upsells and related products

What Happens in the Cart Page With Multiple Products and Cross-sells?

The last thing to remember with these settings is this. When more than one item is added to their cart, and they go to the cart page, the only cross-sells that will show are from the last time added. And if you add another item after that, and it does not have any assigned cross-sells, the last one that did have cross-sells will still show.

Other Ways to Up-sell and Cross-sell with WooCommerce

When you are up-selling or cross-selling, remember, it doesn’t stop at the purchase. Although this is a great time to do it, it can also be done with follow-up emails, thank-you pages and even your receipts. Your best bet as an online store owner is to take advantage of all of these options and test until you find the one that works best for your customers.

Here are a few other posts that may help you…

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Creating an Up-sell With a Buy One, Get One

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Cart Add-ons Extension Gives You More Options

This extension lets you use some comprehensive rules for cross-sells and up-sells on your cart page. You are able to control more of what will show up. It will add recommendations to the shopping cart and allows you to customize the display title and specifically choose which products you want to add on. You can learn more about it here.

Creating Deals and Limited Time Offers

Whether you sell products or services, or even a mix, there are times when you want to offer a limited deal, say a 60% discount for just a few hours. Or perhaps there is a product that you want to sell for a limited time. Or a special service. Whatever the case, giving your customer a visual that shows the urgency of making a purchase right now, and being able to schedule it, is priceless. Check out our post on the Scheduler for WooCommerce plugin.

Add Product Combinations to a Specific Customer’s Cart

With this plugin, you can pre-fill carts with products, quantities and variations. And when you are finished, you get a nice, simple link to share. When  someone clicks on it, those specific products are added and the customer is redirected to the cart page. Simple, direct and hassle-free. Check out our post here.

Adding a Message with an Upsell at the Top of a Page

Offering an upsell with a custom message on specific WooCommerce pages or product pages helps you to make sure it’s getting to the right audience. The WoCommerce conditional context extension allows you to create content blocks with rules and placement options. Here is our post that shows you how.

Offer Your Customers Wishlists

You have seen these on Amazon and other sites. A place where you can let your customers add a product to their wishlist. This really helps in two ways. First, as a reminder to the customer of what they may want to buy down the road. Secondly, a way for people to suggest to friends and family what they need for that next birthday gift. We show you how you can easily add wishlists to your WooCommerce online store here.

Encourage Customers to Deposit Funds in Their Account and Offer Rewards to Them

You are always looking for ways to sustain recurring business with customers as well as build their loyalty. Consider allowing customers to add funds to their account and then offering them an exclusive discount if they use those funds to make a future purchase is an option you might want to consider for your online store. We introduce you to the Accounts Fund extension here.

And another plugin…

The WooCommerce checkout Add-ons plugin allows you to add several additional options to your checkout page and determine which are free or paid. You can also sort and filter orders based on your shiny new options.

After the Purchase Upsells

Upsells do not have to happen at the moment of purchase. In fact, often a follow-up email or a redirect at the purchase can work just as well. Here are a couple of posts that show you how to do that.

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