How to Customize Your Subscription Renewal Dates on WooCommerce

Subscriptions are more popular than ever on WooCommerce sites. When someone buys a subscription, the renewals dates are automatically set based on that. But there are those times when you just want to have certain subscriptions renew on a specific day.

Now, you can set up a specific schedule or schedules, and assign it to as many products as you need to with the WooCommerce Subscription Schedules plugin.

Customizing WooCommerce Subscription Renewal Days

When you install the plugin, you will find the settings for your schedules under WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions Schedules.

After you name your schedule, you simply add the dates. This is where the real power comes in. Unlike the selection of, for example, the third Monday of every month, this is for those times when you need very specific dates you can choose and add as needed.

The subscriptions will renew only on the dates you choose:

And you can add as many schedules as needed.

Assigning Schedules to Subscriptions

When you are creating—or have created— a subscription, you will find the option to choose from your Schedules as needed for that product.

What New Customers See in Their Cart

The first thing you notice is that on the product page, where the price is, the frequency normal listed (e.g. monthly)is replaced by renewal.

When it has been added to the cart, it is noted as a renewal and will also list when the next occurring payment date is. The same goes for checkout.

As you can see, this is a simple plugin to set up but it brings a powerful feature to the Subscription extension that would otherwise require custom coding.

If you are just considering subscriptions on your WooCommerce-run site, you can learn more about the subscription extension in this post. And if you are ready to start setting up those custom subscription schedules, you can get your copy of the plugin here.

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