How to Create Specific Customer Discounts and Pricing with WooCommerce

If you use WooCommerce, it’s likely that at some point, you will need to custom price products for a specific customer or group of customers. It might be long-time buyers that you want to give a discount on a certain product to.

Or maybe someone you know who wants to purchase a specific product a few times over a given period of time, and you’d like to give them a discount on that. Well, that’s what the Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce plugin can do for you.

Customer Specific Pricing Plugin for WooCommerce

This plugin will let you allow you to discount a product based on a customer, a role, or a group.

After you have install and activate the plugin, you will find an optional tab on the product page when selecting a simple product. They have added some handy notations that clarify some questions you might ask as you are setting these up.

Customer-specific Pricing

This is about as straight-forward as it gets when setting custom pricing for a customer. Here I have given customer Jennifer Black a 33% discount on this product with a minimum purchase of one. I can add as many other customers individually as I want to.

If you look at the price on the product page, you can see that the example on the right reflects the discount applied:

Now if we wanted the same discount, but it required minimum of two, then you can see that a quantity discount now shows, and is reflected in the total price:

Role-based Pricing

This option lets you reward specific roles. The options are the same, but instead you can assign it to a specific role or roles. An example might be a customer club where you want to give discounts to those club members. In that case, you would create a role for that and assign it here.

Group-based Pricing

Same options here, but his is where you can really customize your discount prices to a certain group. You will need to use install the free plugin Groups, and this will allow you to do two things. Remember, these are settings for the group plugin:

Create a custom label for the group

Assign users to that group

Once that is done, now you can choose that group in your settings:

Variable Products

You can also use this on variable products (not on the actual variable product, but on the variations):

Set Rules for Multiple Products

There will be times when you want to set rules for multiple products.

You will have a CSP menu in your admin sidebar. Click on this and choose Product Pricing. You will have all three options for customers, roles and groups:

Since the settings are very similar, I’ll just show you the customers.

You can select the specific customer or customers and move them over with the single arrow, or move all customers over with the double arrow. The same with the product. You can move them back over at any time with the same arrows on the right hand side. When done, click Set Prices:

Now I can set the values I want to give for both products that I have selected for this customer:

Category Pricing

You can also take advantage of your WooCommerce categories by using them to assign prices to users, roles and groups as well:

Enabling Strikethrough

You can enable a strikethrough on the old prices on the front-end of your online store.

enable strikethrough

Import and Export

You can easily export and import your customer, role and group settings:

Search Prices

And lastly, you can easily search what price is being used for customers, roles and groups:

There are so many ways you could use this plugin when it comes to rewarding your loyal customers with a discount. So if you are looking at an easy way to create these kinds of discounts, be sure to check out the Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce plugin.