How to Let Your Customers “Like” Your Product on Your WooCommerce Store

Like most people who are on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, you have often liked someone’s share.

You may do this for various reasons. The most obvious is that you do like the post and you are showing the person that. Or you may use it to bookmark things you want to revisit. (I do this on Twitter.)

Have you ever wished that potential or current customers could also like your products on your WooCommerce store? Well, look no further.

Product Likes Extension for WooCommerce

You will find the settings under your WooCommerce > product > general settings.

First is the option to enable or disable the feature and toggle it off or on for those not logged in. You can also turn it on to show it in your customers account page.

general settings

Then you can choose to display on the product page and/or archive pages, as well as show the number of likes.

display settings

There are two standard options for the icons: a heart or a thumbs up. Or you can just have the text display by choosing none.

icon choice heart or thumbs up

Lastly the styles that can be disabled if you are adding your own with CSS:


What the Customer Sees

If enabled, here is what you will see on the archive page:

likes on archive pages

And for the product page, here is what it looks like after I have liked it.: can unlike it if I want as well.

liked product

If I were to go into my account page, I would see all the products I have liked. It’s a great way to let customers bookmark products they may want to buy in the future. Or to simply see what they have liked on your store.

products liked on account page

So if you are thinking that your customers would find this useful and if you would also like to see what others are liking, you might want to consider the Product Likes Extension.