WooCommerce Storefront 2.5 Adds More Design Flexibility

With the release of Storefont 2.5.0, you can customize the top section of your

When WooCommerce began to offer starter content, it was possible to have content inserted to help you get started with your design. But with the release of the blocks into the core of WooCommerce 3.6, now you can do even more with your homepage in Storefront.

Storefront Before 2.5.0

As a comparison, here you see the top of the homepage for Storefront as it was before this recent update.

If you were to click the edit this section button in the upper right corner, it would simply take you to your page you had assigned with the homepage template. Which is simply a blank page.

You can see I can add content or blocks here.

I would simply add that to the top of the page with the existing layout.

Storefront Version 2.5 Homepage

In 2.5, you have the option of adding the blocks that are now in WooCommerce core, which gives you more flexibility with the Storefront theme.

Although this isn’t a major update for Storefront, the one thing you may notice is that it now supports the new cover block. Adding text and a featured image will work differently for your homepage as opposed to the previous version of Storefront.

As I showed in in the example above, when adding text to the homepage, it was pretty basic. But now I am taking advantage of the cover block incorporated into Storefront and have added a feature image, a bit of text and a button using blocks.

Now I have something a bit more eye-catching at the top of my homepage.

I could have added any blocks here, as well as another WooCommerce specific blog.

This may be just enough added flexibility for your shop. Or you can do even more customizations with other Storefront extensions like Storefront Powerpack and other Storefront extensions on WooCommerce.

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