GDPR, Gutenberg, Cryptocurrency and Stripe Radar

GDPR, Gutenberg, Cryptocurrency and Stripe Radar
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

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In this week’s podcast, BobWP and Brad Williams talk about WooCommerce 3.4 and GDPR, Gutenberg blocks for WooCommerce product pages, digital currency and online stores, Stripe Radar and Square Buys Weebly.

In episode 5 we kick off the next iteration of Do the Woo with my new co-host Brad Williams. Every two weeks, the two of us with be talking about some WooCommerce-specific news and the broader areas of eCommerce that affect WooCommerce store owners.

This week, we started out by catching up on the looming GDPR and what WooCommerce 3.4 has coming to help store owners comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. As we talked, we agreed that this is not only good for the EU, but for online data protection worldwide. Brad shared that WordPress is also releasing some GDPR integrations in the upcoming 4.9.6.

We chatted a bit about the Gutenberg blocks and what we might anticipate with WooCommerce products. Although it is going to bring some added options for the average store owner regarding design, as with builders that already exist, there is a fine line between taking advantage of the blocks and abusing them. Store owners will be wise to remember how important that product page still is and how a cluttered or bad design could be a killer when it comes to site conversions.

Brad shared an article about Coinbase Commerce, a new service that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies. This led to the question of when we might see more online stores accepting Bitcoin type currencies and where that might lead into the future.

Brad also shared some insights on a new service from the payment gateway Stripe. Stripe Radar was built to prevent and reduce credit card fraud. It flags potential chargebacks based on a series of criteria. The post on the Kinsta blog had some great stats and also how they have used it themselves and what the results were.

We rounded it off with a bit of old news, the purchase of Weebly from Square. You’ll want to hear Brad’s thoughts on why the move is a huge win for both parties.

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