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Selling with WooCommerce, Woo and Salesforce and WooCommerce Admin with Michael Tieso

Selling with WooCommerce, Woo and Salesforce and WooCommerce Admin with Michael Tieso
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

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In episode 28 of our podcast, Brad and I had a great chat with Michael Tieso, founder of Reggio Studio and store owner.

Developer Turned Store Owner

Michael previously was on the team at WooCommerce and has been a freelance developer for several years. He took the dive and started his own online store, There he sells a unique drink (similar to tea) straight out of the tradition and culture of South America.

He shares what he has learned as a shop owner and how it reflects his views as a developer. Michael also is open about the challenges he has faced. Interestingly, he also has moved to selling on eBay and tells us about the integration with WooCommerce and how that process, and sales has gone for him.

Michael then shares his move from freelancer to starting his full-service agency, Reggio Digital Studio.

Will WooCommerce Be Affected by the Investment from Salesforce to Automattic?

There was a recent tweet on Twitter about this.

I asked both Michael and Brad to weight in with their two cents.

WooCommerce Admin v0.10.0

With the next release around the corner, I asked Michael if he had used the plugin and what his thoughts were. Brad also talks a bit about the update and Brad and I resolve to dig back into this plugin and talk about it more on a future show.

Where to Find Michael

Michael on Twitter @michaeltieso



Yerba Matero

Reggio Digital Studio

Articles Mentioned

WooCommerce Admin v0.19.0 Update via WooCommerce

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