New Products and Kickstarter with Patrick Rauland

New Products and Kickstarter with Patrick Rauland
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

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In episode 13 of the Do the Woo Podcast, Brad and BobWP invite special guest Patrick Rauland to talk about his new product, the board game, Fry Thief.

We also chat a bit about my other podcast with Matt Mullenweg and Todd Wilkens on WordPress and WooCommerce, plus some other news of stuff going on in the eCommerce world.

Patrick Rauland has been in the WooCommerce space for several years, and was WooCommerce Product manager in the past. He currently is a WooCommerce consultant, but also is creating his first product, a board game called Fry Thief.

He recently just completed a Kickstarter funding round for the game that was very successful, and he touches on some of what he has learned through the product development stage so far.

If you are thinking of creating and selling your first product, you will want to tune in.

We also touch a bit on my other podcast and the show I had with Matt Mullenweg and Todd Wilkens. Brad was particularly interested in the comment Matt made:

Something very fundamental happened when Automattic acquired WooCommerce. Previously we had mirrored our mission as Automattic to the same one as Core WordPress, which is to democratize publishing. When WooCommerce joined the family, we added two important words: to democratize publishing and commerce. So, it was a fundamental shift in the mission of the company.

Matt Mullenweg

Brad also shared the community on reddit for WooCommerce if anyone is interested in that, as well as the upcoming Pressnomics conference, number 6. As far as the latter goes, if you are running a WordPress business, this is one conference you won’t want to miss. Also, a good chunk of the Woo community is represented there as well.

Patrick is in the works with the next WooSesh and would love to hear feedback from you if you have ideas of what you would like to see this next time around.

And I hinted at a new site I have in the works, my upcoming 48-hour content marathon and a change over on the BobWP eCommerce Show. All of these details will be shared very soon.