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Do the Woo Podcast is Coming Back – Conversations Around WooCommerce

Do the Woo Podcast returns

In March 2016, we started Do the Woo, a podcast around WooCommerce.

By September of that year we made the decision to expand the show to cover all aspects of eCommerce and renamed it the WP eCommerce Show, which eventually became the BobWP eCommerce Show.

In June of this year, we began our second podcast, the BobWP Monetizer, which, as the name implies, is focused more on the aspects of monetizing your WordPress site.

Do the Woo Makes a Comeback

On January 8, 2018, we will bring the Do the Woo podcast to you every Monday. And yes, we will keep up the content you have come to expect from our other two podcasts. In fact, I have been spending some time deciding what kinds of topics we will be bringing you and what format it will come in. We will stick with what has worked for this podcast, traditional audio and, instead of interviews, it will be more conversational.

Let’s just say that if you use WooCommerce, build with WooCommerce, or are just thinking about WooCommerce, there will be something for you.