Scaling WooCommerce, Storefront 2.5 and Woo Meetups with Cody Landefeld

Scaling WooCommerce, Storefront 2.5 and Woo Meetups with Cody Landefeld
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

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In episode 18, BobWP and Brad Williams are joined by Cody Landefeld of Mode Effect.

In this show, we are talking about agency approaches to growing WooCommerce stores, the Storefront theme latest update and WooCommerce meetups.

An Agency’s Focus

Our guest Cody Landefeld from Mode Effect shares how he took the approach of finding the right vertical for his agency and what he discovered to be the sweet spot for client work.

He also gives us some insights on how he built up his credibility and client list by producing consistent and useful content on their website. It’s something some agencies and store owners don’t understand: what strong content can do for the growth of their businesses.

He then talks about how themes and plugins that are used to start your WooCommerce site are often outgrown yet stay in place to only cause performance issues down the road.

Storefront Update and Usage

I share the most recent Storefront theme update and how the cover block brings more design to the homepage. And Cody share his thoughts on Storefront and how he would like to see more WooCommerce store owners making the choice of the standard for WooCommerce themes.

WooCommerce Meetups

We swap stories on the successes and struggles of our own WooCommerce meetups. This segment clearly points out that all meetups are not equal.

Make sure to check out Cody on Twitter and his successful efforts in creating content at Mode Effect.

And don’t miss WordSesh coming soon to the interwebs!

Lastly, you can listen in to this older podcast with Cody: What is an API and How Does It Affect Your WooCommerce Store?