Do the Woo Roundup: WooCommerce News January 10, 2020

This is our official, first Woo roundup here on our site. We are attempting to curate news as well as give new products and services some exposure here.

The news is a bit easier too curate, but finding those new plugins, extensions, etc. is a bit more challenging. Even on, new does not necessarily mean new.

So we want you to help us by either keeping us updated or letting others know that we are here to help you get the word out.

Just remember, it must have been released or announced within the last 10 days, as naturally, we do these weekly. You can submit your news here.

Woo News

Action Scheduler 3.0 for WooCommerce Has Major Enhancements – Action Scheduler has recently been updated to include some major enhancements. Read the post.

WooCommerce Admin v0.24.0 – A new build of the Admin Feature Plugin has been released that includes several bug fixes as well buffing up the Onboarding Wizard and the Admin itself. Read the post.

Which is More Popular with CBD Sites, WooCommerce or Shopify? Here’s What the Latest Integration Data Shows – This article gives us some insights into the data comparing CBD sites and just where WooCommerce rates. Read the post.

New WooCommerce Plugins and Extensions Released

LaunchFlows – Created in response to the enormous amount of demand from WooCommerce and Cart Flows customers for features and strategy otherwise only found in ClickFunnels. Learn more here.

Order and Inventory Manager plugin for WooCommerce – See what products have low stock, all in one place. Learn more here.

More WooCommerce on the Web

Giving your customers an easy way to save a product that they can purchase later, is a great way to avoid those abandoned carts. We show you an extension from the Woo marketplace to do just that. 

It’s scary, but yes, studies do show that 98% of your customers will not make a purchase on their first visit. Over on learn about 5 tools to help you with this.

You either love it or hate it. Instagram. But yet 75% of all eCommerce brands will be selling there in the future. My friends over at SkyVerge give you some insights on how to tackle that.

As the years go by eCommerce has transformed the retail landscape. But MarTechSeries feels it’s coming much quicker than we had anticipated.

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