WooCommerce Managed Hosting, CBD Products and SCA with Christie Chirinos

WooCommerce Managed Hosting, CBD Products and SCA with Christie Chirinos
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In episode 21, Brad Williams and BobWP are joined by Christie Chirinos from Liquid Web.

In this show, we chat with Christie about her work at Liquid Web, the Strong Customer Authentication and CBD products with WooCommerce.

Christie Chirinos from Liquid Web

Christie has been at Liquid Web for a just few months and has already proven to be a valuable asset in her role as Product Manager for WooCommerce Managed Hosting.

She tells us more of what she is involved with as well as how Liquid Web moved into the space as the only WooCommerce Managed hosting service available. It was an interesting story how they segued into the niche.

Christie also gives some insights on how the plugins and services that come with the hosting packages are chosen and the criteria around that decision.

You will get a deeper understanding of what you can expect from a niche service that comes from a veteran in the managed WordPress hosting space.

Introducing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Next we chat about the post on WooCommerce about a new regulation via the EU that requires merchants to use multiple methods of verifying customers’ identities. Brad shares his thoughts from an agency perspective.

Selling CDB Products with WooCommerce

A bit ago, WooCommerce issued some guidelines for when you can and cannot sell CDB (or cannabidiols products). The initial release caused some confusion for store owners. The explanation left some hanging and it was later clarified.

In their final terms:

You can use the open source WooCommerce plugin to sell highly-regulated products, but you cannot:

  • Use WooCommerce services that depend on a Jetpack connection, such as WooCommerce Shipping or WooCommerce Tax. 
  • Host your site on WordPress.com.

With that said, we dove a bit into that and Brad expressed that it adds to the confusion of what WordPress users already have started setting in other instances.

Christie shared some great thoughts on both the new SCA and CBD products as she talked about compliance, regulations and how business use this as a competitive edge.

Find Christie on the Web

You can reach out to Christie at Liquid Web and connect via Twitter.

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Finding the Right Corporate Legal Strategy – Some companies move beyond viewing the law solely in terms of compliance — and instead use their legal environment to secure a competitive advantage. (MIT Sloan Management Review)