IconicWP, Prospress Joins Automattic, 7-Star Reviews and More with Guest James Kemp

IconicWP, Prospress Joins Automattic, 7-Star Reviews and More with Guest James Kemp
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In episode 19, Brad Williams and BobWP are joined by James Kemp from IconicWP.

In this show, we talk about about his journey with creating plugins and how James landed on IconicWP. We look at the recent acquisition of Prospress from Automattic and chat a bit about the 7-star review feature in a free plugin put out by Liquid Web. Plus more from the eCommerce world.

James Kemp and IconicWP

James tells us more about his start selling his plugins on Code Canyon and, after several years, making the decision to move to Freemius. We talk a bit more about his plugins and, specifically, the ones that extend variations, which is a much-used feature of WooCommerce and one that presents specific challenges.

Automattic Acquires Prospress

We also chat about the recent acquisition of Prospress by Automattic and agree on what a smart move that was. With their popular Subscriptions extension, as well as their other products, it was a no-brainer. We also send our heartfelt congratulation to Brent and his team there.

Better Reviews for WooCommerce – 7-Star Ratings

Next we dive into the free plugin that Liquid Web released called Better Reviews for WooCommerce. We shared our own thoughts about the 7-start review aspect of the plugin as well. If you want to learn more about it and the option of using attributes in the reviews, you can check out our post here.

Walmart and Target 1st-Quarter Growth in eCommerce

We ended our show with a couple of articles sharing the eCommerce growth of two of the big shops entering the online arena more strongly than ever, WalMart and Target. Growth from Walmart is their expansion on one-day delivery while Target attributes theirs to curbside pickup.

WooSesh Coming in October

WooSesh will host their second annual virtual conference Oct. 9-10, 2019. If you build WooCommerce stores, it’s a must. You can subscribe over on their site to keep updated.

Where to Find James

You can find James over on IconicWP or check out any of his plugins through our posts below. You can also find James and his company on Twitter.

All of James’s plugins come with WooCommerce managed hosting from our sponsor Liquid Web.

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You can also check out two more popular plugins on their site as well: WooCommerce Product Configurator and WooCommerce Attribute Swatches.